Software for industrial automation




Experiences and collaborations gained over the years, allow GHM automazione able to deal with machines and automatic plants of various kinds and purposes. The working methods, which in most cases has provided (and still provides) to follow projects from applications development until the end of commissioning, allowed us to directly analyze the issues related to each machine or system, and first-hand assess the suitability of the applications developed. Today, in dealing with new projects, even completely different type from previously realized, this experience is made available to our Customers.

Types of applications made:

  • machines for production of electrical cables
  • plants for material handling on rolls and tapes
  • automatic warehouses - automated storage and retrieval systems
  • machines for packaging and palletizing
  • fluid dynamic systems
  • hydroelectric power plants
  • production supervisors and data acquisition
  • machines and systems customized according to specifications

Contact us for more information and specific requirements; every request will be carefully evaluated.