Software for industrial automation



CheckConsulting on automation projects

  • Feasibility study of projects
  • Budgeting of development costs
  • Consulting in the choice of automation components
  • Suggestion of technological solutions suitable to the real needs of the project
  • Technical support for the preparation of commercial offers

CheckSoftware applications and documentation

  • Development of applications for PLCs, for the complete management of industrial plants, from the control of the basic components to the acquisition of production data, with special attention to the diagnostic
  • Development of applications for HMIs and SCADA systems, for the supervision of plants, with intuitive graphic interfaces, created thinking about the environment in which they will be installed and the type of operators who will use them
  • Careful documentation of logical functions and algorithms implemented in the applications, with suitable comments and annotations, to the benefit of collaborators and future upgrades
  • Test bench for as many as possible parts of each application, in order to shorten the duration of plants commissioning
  • Drafting of functional specifications for the developed applications, made both for collaborators and as project documentation to give to the customer
  • Parametrization of control drives for electrical motors and any other accessory equipment
  • Drafting of user manuals for operator interfaces, HMIs and SCADA systems, and operating instructions for plants management

CheckTechnical support and training

  • Direct support during testing and commissioning of the plants, anywhere in the world they are installed
  • Training of operating and maintenance staff of the end customer about system use
  • Post-installation support, both on-site and through the most advanced techniques of remote assistance
  • Training courses on programming of PLCs, HMIs and SCADA systems, both for maintenance purposes and development